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Carmelo Speaks On Police Brutality In ESPN Magazine

Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony, is on the cover of ESPN’s “NBA Preview” issue for 2016. In his interview he spoke on police brutality, the lack of resources in the black community and athletes speaking issues facing America.

HB: What you’re touching on is the one part of this that’s been really difficult for me and people wanting to talk about Colin Kaepernick. They’re not focusing on why he’s doing what he’s doing. They look at Baltimore and they’re not looking at the fabric of Baltimore. You have no parks. You’ve got no infrastructure. What do you expect that to look like if you’re taking all the resources out of the community?

Carmelo: When you don’t have resources, it becomes hopeless. There’s nothing to look forward to. I know when I was coming up, it was after-school. We had rec centers to go to in our neighborhoods. We had parks to go play in. We had football fields to go to. You had different things that you could go do. I always find it fascinating when I go back to my community and kids that I have known, or their parents, just hearing them talk. The one thing I get out of it is they just want a voice. They just want to be heard. It’s like, “We want everybody to hear us.”

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Carmelo Anthony Speaks After Winning His Third Basketball Gold Medal


Once again the USA wins the gold for basketball at the Olympics. Carmelo Anthony became the first person to win three gold medals for basketball, check out his post game interview.