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Russell Westbrook Shoots With GQ

Russell Westbrook wore a variety of looks for his GQ shoot. You can read an excerpt from his interview below.

He creates his own collections for Barneys, though he’s interested in more than just clothes—he’s at his most animated when talking about design of any sort. He loves traveling, not because of the sites but because of the exposure to design. In hotels. In restaurants. From away games in Minneapolis to sponsorship obligations in Hong Kong. “I get ideas from everything. Just from everyday walking around. Looking at people. Just from everything. I see colors, women, men—traveling, I get ideas from all over the place, just because I think that’s the best way to do it,” he says. “Like the carpets in hotels. How it works with the walls. The artwork. I had a great idea when I was in China this summer, this thing going on on the street, and I was just like, Man, I’m going to design something exactly like that. I can’t tell you at the moment. But for my next collection, when I do it, it’s gonna be just like that. To me, it’s just exciting, ’cause I’m able to see different things and come back.… I can’t draw, but someone who can draw, I’m able to explain to someone exactly what I want to do.”
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